mystery monsters

Mystery Monster Stories: Gubber's Adventures

June 2008

History of Mystery Monsters

There are two planets that are exactly the same, except that one of them is full of mysterymonsters, while the other has none. They first appeared in one of these worlds, by popping out of a magic mirror. The magic mirror was a transparent circle that moved from one side to another of a wall.

Mystery Monster Story

Once upon a ... doesn't matter, let's start the story. A guy named Gubber Barc, one night, when he was sleeping, his clothes changed and a mirror he had got a spiral in the middle, it was square but it broke until it was just a circle with a spiral inside.

When he woke up, he saw the clothes and said "What's this?"
And SUDDENLY the mirror said, "Here is where mystery monsters come out, here is your mystery ball. It's for trapping mystery monsters. And it spit out a tiny yellow ball, with a green star on it.
"And here is your mystery plane" said the mirror. And it spit out a green square with black squares on it.
"But this is not a plane!" said Gubber.
"Yes it is."
"It doesn't look like it."
"Can you prove it?", asked the mirror.
"It doesn't have wings and I can't sit in it."
"Press the blue button and it will." He saw a blue button and pressed it.
" looks like a fish", Gubber said.

"But if Mystery Monstys come out of you, where must I go?", asked Gubber.
"Well, I'll go to the Em Planet", said the magic mirror.
"Oh! You can fly?"
"Of course I can fly", said the mirror.
"But ... I don't know the way" said Gubber.
"Well, it's here, it connects here", said the mirror, pointing at the water of a map of the world, with a hand coming out of the mirror.
"Well, if you say it", said Gubber.
"Follow me on the plane", said the mirror. As he went inside, it had lots of bubbles and pictures of strange fish

"What strange fish", exclaimed Gubber.
"What is a fish? I've heard of fishouts, filors ... but not 'fish'", said the mirror.
"I've never heard of those strange animals", said Gubber, "and let's go!"
"But what is an animal?" said the mirror.
"Not again" said Gubber. "And let's go!"
They flew for ten minutes and then Gubber said "I'm hungry! It's full of ems in here."
And what he wanted appeared at the same time the flying fish with ems stopped. For drinks it had milk, water, and druf poxen.
"What is druf poxen?" said Gubber.
"It's like juice for mystery monsters" said the mirror.
Gubber drank it and said "Yuck, I don't like it. And this strange plane will be called: flying em fish."
They flew a while and then the Flying Em Fish got out of control.
"Help, this thing's crazy. I can't follow you." exclaimed Gubber. But the Flying Em Fish stopped and went down
Then the plane landed near an airport. Gubber saw the mirror fly away.The Flying Em Fish was out of Mystery Oil, and since there is none on Earth, here not much more was heard of mystery monsters.

Until many years later, when the Planet Exploring Ship (P.E.S.) landed on the land of mystery monsters, landing on a evil goop alien, but that is another story...