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Mystery Monster Stories

Gubber's Adventures (June 2008)

Arascope's Adventures (April 2009)

Roc and Paj's adventures (January 2010)

Dragon Boy (March 2011)

Mrs. Destroyer (March 2012)


Arascope's Adventures
April 2009

Chapter 1: Arascope and Chief Darcclowd
Chapter 2: The alien and the qwerty ship
Chapter 3: Evil!
Chapter 4: Trapped by Chief Darcclowd
Chapter 5: A faraway planet
Chapter 6: Back in the M planet

Chapter 1: Arascope and Chief Darcclowd

Arascope is a mystery monster, like any inhabitant of the M planet. He is purple and he has a telescope on his head (click his name ). Jimpy is a friend of Arascope, like Zumer.

One day a ball of goop landed and formed a person. Every mystery monster hid.
"Who owns this planet?" said the goop person.
"I do" said a Magoomba-Coconut, a coconut with a face, plants on his head, hands, feet, and a spear.
"Just you?" asked the goop guy.
"Me and zillions of others" said the Magoomba-Coconut. "Who are you?"
"I'm Chief Darcclowd" said the chief.
All the mystery monsters came out of their hiding places.
Arascope said "Look, a giant boomerang" and pointed at it.
A big spaceship that looked like a boomerang was landing. Every mystery monster hid again. It landed on Chief Darcclowd.

Chapter 2: The alien and the qwerty ship

Chief Darcclowd, made into a puddle, said "Ow".
An alien came out of the boomerang. It looked strange to the mystery monsters but it was a human.
"What are you?" asked Arascope as he stared at him.
"You don't know, alien?" said the human, laughing. Arascope got very, very angry at him and chased him with his powers for calling him "alien".
"I'm Arascope, not alien" said Arascope. "You are the alien".
Then Jimpy came and said "Arascope is right".
"Well I'll explore this alien pla..." the man did not finish his sentence because he was being chased by a pair of mystery monsters.
The man started to explore the M planet. Jimpy and Arascope told Zumer about the alien.
"Why don't we go in its boomerang-ship?" asked Zumer. The others agreed with Zumer.
They went in the ship. They looked around, saw all the buttons and screens and switches. Since the first word they saw was "qwerty" they called it the qwerty ship. Arascope pressed the button that said "qwerty" and a keyboard came out.
"Look, a leg rester!" exclaimed Arascope and put his feet on it. It was the keyboard to decide the place you want to go. He typed an unpronounceable word.
"Ehjghfd is not a place" said the machine. The mystery monsters knew now what it was for and typed "Esetros forest". "Esetros forest is not a place" said the machine.
"What!" said Arascope, and banged on the machine.
The machine said: "Please, use joystick" . It was one to decide the directions you want to go.
" A videogame!" said Arascope and steered it like crazy.
"Really?" asked Zumer, not believing Arascope. They went to the desert by mistake.
Jimpy opened the door and said: "Look what you did! You turned our town into a desert!"
"Too bad, I lost, I'll try again" said Arascope. Jimpy closed the door. Arascope steered it like crazy again.
It ended up in the cold pole (north pole of the M planet, but there's just one).
Jimpy opened the door and said: "Now you froze our town!"
"Oops" said Arascope. Then he steered them home. Smashing it against Super-Coconut's castle!
"Be careful with THAT thing!" screamed Super-Coconut.

Chapter 3: Evil!

Chief Darcclowd formed himself again and said to Arascope:
"For melting me and landing a ship on me, I and my group are going to be ..."
"What are you going to be?" interrupted Arascope.
"...EVIL!" screamed the chief.
"Who is your group?" asked Arascope.
"Well, them" -- a bunch of goop people appeared, Darcclowds he called them.
"Me, and him" said Chief Darcclowd. A green ball with a face landed on Chief Darclowd. "Oops" it said. "I present you to King Darcball"said Chief Darcclowd, made himself into a puddle again, and re-formed himself.
"Who's Mr. Greenball king of?" asked Arascope. "The mud or the garbage cans?"
"I'm king of Darcballs!" screamed the king.
"You're king of pinballs, WOW!" said Arascope.
"Darcballs, not pinballs!" screamed King Darcball.
"What's a shark-ball, a ball of sharquen meat?" . (A sharquen is a mystery monster that looks like a shark).
The darcclowds ran away and King Darcball, too angry to respond, did the same.
"I'll hypnotize every king on this planet, with my brother" said Chief Darclowd.
"Mr. Greenball is your brother?" said Arascope.
"Yes!" screamed Chief Darcclowd, and went away.
He hypnotized almost all the kings.

Chapter 4: Trapped by Chief Darcclowd

When the man saw the crashed ship, he screamed. Chief Darcclowd heard the man scream and got an idea of how to take over the M planet .
He would trap every mystery monster in the ship and send it to another galaxy. But he forgot about the human.
Chief Darcclowd, all the hypnotized kings and their soldiers, the Darcclowds and all the kinds of Darcballs (including King Darcball) pressed all the mystery monsters inside the ship.
(An Aplastosaur almost escaped.)
"Come on, push them in, now turn on the ship and send it just nowhere in space!" screamed Chief Darcclowd.
The P. E. S. flew away.While all that was happening, the human was exploring the planet. "Well, now I'll go back in the P. E. S." (Planet Exploring Ship, the real name of the Qwerty Ship) said the man.
He saw where he parked The P. E. S., it was gone of course.
But then the mystery monsters found out the Ship was called the P. E. S. becous the man told it to Super- Coconut. "They should call it the pest not the pes" said Coin Jr, a flying mystery monster.
Then the same Magoomba-Coconut that was in the beginning of the story opened the door.

Chapter 5: A faraway planet

The mystery monsters went out of the the ship and looked at the hot planet. (There were two suns and 31 moons.)
Jimpy explored the M planet. "We're stuck" said Coin Jr. All there was on the planet mainly heat and fire (the water mystery monsters turned off the fire).
"Hey!" said a voice. "Who are you?"
They looked and saw an alien. He was red and had one eye, he looked like a person. "What are you doing on planet Sleepingbag?" it said.
Nobody said anything, but a spininge rolled and a boompire flapped his wings.
"We are mystery monsters and we want to go back to the M planet" explained Arascope.
"I'm Boblonob,and I know how to steer this thing" said Boblonob.
"Well take us home, Boblonob!" said Zumer.
"Well you must give me a purple rock" said Boblonob.
"There's no such thing!" exclaimed Zumer. But just then, Jimpy came with a purple rock.
"OK, I'll steer the ship" said Boblonob. So Boblonob steered and landed it on Chief Darcclowd and the Darcclowds.
Boblonob got a ship that was lost in space and he landed it (I don't know how), and went back to Sleepingbag.

Chapter 6: Back in the M planet

The human was happy and went in the ship.
King Darcball grabbed on the ship and it went away (The man did not see the splots of goop under The P. E. S. and flew away.) But what will happen? Will Darcclowds get to earth?


Mrs. Destroyer
Adrian submitted to Wikipedia on March 2012 {{subst:AFC submission/draftnew}} ==History==

''Mrs. Destroyer'' is a [[superhero]] created by Adrian Strong in 2005. Adrian Strong used to really like playing with [[lego]]. Once he took a piece of one his sets which looked like a laser gun. Adrian put it in the hand of a random one of his lego guys, that was a woman in a black suit and a cap, and joked about it as Mrs. Destroyer. He started playing with her as a lego clone from [[Star Wars]]. From the lego figures came the still used RC2 (Robot of Clone number 2), robot who helps Mrs. Destroyer and Manyfaces, Mrs. Destroyer's seven-headed archenemy.

Years later, Adrian got rid of Clone and made Mrs. Destroyer a secret agent. Surfer Fred ( Mrs. Destroyer's sidekick ) came about there, though he was not helping her back then but saying he's better than her.

In 2010, Adrian drew the hero for the first time. She was like the toy only that she had a utility belt and huge muscles. After the first drawing Adrian ignored the gun and made a superhero, with Surfer Fred as her sidekick.

A year after that he made a comic about her: ''Mrs. Destroyer and the power of invisibility'' witch later got turned into an animated video on Youtube. In it Mrs. Destroyer, Surfer Fred, and RC2 fight Dr. Disappear and Invisibles.

==Powers== She does not have any power besides being strong and having a utility belt, like [[Batman]].

Her utility belt has: * a wrench made of [[osmium]], the world's hardest metal, used to knock out villians and make robots like RC2 * a [[slingshot]] and a bag of pebbles to beat bad guys * a piece of rope, often tied to wrench to hit enemies for a longer distance hit. * some binoculars, to see robbers a mile away. * a screwdriver, to fix or make robots.